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Dubai Airport

Airport Retailers - open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

The DDF shops/chemist/dispensary/specialty stores are coloured bright blue/green and easy to find. (DDF = Dubai Duty Free) Boots are in their traditional royal blue and white

Terminal 1,
Boots Terminal 1 arrivals, ground floor inside door and turn right, Tel +97144190801

D Concourse,
Boots Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate D13, Tel +9714 419-0820
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate D12, Tel +9714 505-3517

Terminal 2,
DDF Chemist & Dispensary, near subway entrance and perfume shop, gates F5 and F6. Tel +9714 504-2604

Terminal 3,
A Concourse,
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate A11, Tel +9714 505-3348
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate A14, Tel +9714 505-3398

Terminal 3,
B Concourse,
Boots, near Gate B6, and Zen Gardens. Tel +971-4419-0571
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate B19/B20, (opposite Emirates Official Store). Tel +9714-5053057
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Near gate B12, Tel +9714-5053034
Public Chemist Shop & Dispensary PS12 (Public Shop)
Landside Departures, ground floor. Tel +9714 504 2011
Near exit 4, extreme left of terminal building. Close to Subway Foods

Terminal 3,
C Concourse,
DDF Chemist & Dispensary. Opposite gate C13, Tel +9714-2164465

Abu Dhabi Airport

Terminal 3
Boots, main level, Open 24 hours. After Passport Control. Tel +971-2-575-9814/6
Terminal 1
bin Sina Chemist in terminal 1. After passport control. Beside gates 5,6. Tel +971 2 575 7316

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