“Dear Sir / Madam
Over the next 3 months a number of our New Zealand Olympic atheltes will be heading to Europe, Asia and the United States to begin there buildup to the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. I would be interested to know if your company is able to provide No-Jet-Lag for our athletes, coaches and support staff . In total we have 49 people travelling internationally. Having travelled with this product every year for the last 8 years I can certainly recommend its usage.

Mark Elliott Programme Director
NZ Winter Olympic Programme


“I found a remarkable all natural remedy called No-Jet-Lag…which for me worked… I think it is a winner.. now I take it every time I fly and I give it to my friends”

Arthur Von Wiesenberger
Around the World With Arthur & Barney is an informative, entertaining and dynamic sixty-minute travel talk show
The #1 Travel Talk Radio Show in California


“On a trip to San Diego two years ago, the Hong Kong based helicopter pilot popped a No-Jet-Lag pill every two hours and was so full of energy on arrival that he went jogging. ‘I didn’t have any of that foul fuzz I usually get after a long flight,’ Mr.Ellis says.”

The Wall Street Journal
Mike Ellis – Helicopter Pilot


“The New Zealand Rugby League Team used ‘No-Jet-Lag’ while traveling to great Britain for the 1993 Four Test Tour of Great Britain and France. All members of the team found it to be extremely beneficial. The team arrived in Great Britain in superb condition. I have no hesitation at all in recommending it to anybody traveling overseas, it is a superb product.”

Dr Wayne Morris
Team Doctor - NZ Olympic Team/Commonwealth Games/
Rugby League


“...I chew "No Jet Lag" pills as if they were TicTacs..." (His Strategy for a Comfortable Flight)”

Michael Kors – Top Fashion Designer, Travel & Leisure


“The question is, does it work? After testing No-Jet-Lag - once on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, and once from New York to London – we enthusiastically say yes.”

Golf & Travel


“In answer to the question "how effective was the homeopathic preparation, No-Jet-Lag in countering jet lag symptoms," 75% of the 55 flight attendants who used No-Jet-Lag said it was either good or very good in countering jet lag symptoms.”

Aviation, Space, And Environmental Medicine
Official Journal of the Aerospace Medical Association


“No-Jet-Lag is a wonderful product, which has been tested and is recommended by Dr. Alan Spira M.D., Doctor of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene , Medical Director, of The Travel Medicine Center in Beverly Hills, as a way to minimize Travel Fatigue (Jet Lag) for longer journeys.”

The Travel Medicine Center


“Now here’s a natural remedy – a remedy proven safe and surprisingly effective. It’s No-Jet-Lag a homeopathic medication….not only effective, it’s also safe for all ages, free from side effects, and won’t interact with other medications.”

Travel Medicine Catalog,
Dr. Stuart Rose, M.D., Director of the International Travel Health Clinic at Noble Hospital in Westfield, Massachusetts founder and director of Travel Medicine Inc. and author of The International Travel Health Guide.


“Never can I remember feeling this good after a long trip. Your product is amazing, but what's really incredible is that the ingredients are natural, not filled with caffeine. I am recommending it to all my friends, but I am keeping it a secret from my enemies!”

Howard Podrasky – 1,000,000 Miles
Air France Cargo – JFK New York


“I've been touring so heavily for the last three years and you learn something new every time you travel… My boyfriend and I took a homeopathic remedy called " No-Jet-Lag " on the flight to Japan and it seemed to work.”

Independent UK
Nelly Furtado – Award Winning Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter


"No Jet-lag: Developed by a laboratory in New Zealand, this homeopathic remedy made of leopard's bane, daisy, wild chamomile, ipecac and clubmoss helps me feel better after long-haul flights through multiple time zones.”

Los Angeles Times, Sourcebook
10 Favorite Things to Pack
Susan Spano
April 18, 1999


“I love New Zealand because No-Jet-Lag homeopathic pills are the antipodean antidote to long-haul flights – even better than melatonin.”

Tatler Magazine – UK, Victoria Mather


“I had a chance to use No-Jet-Lag myself with success on a recent flight from New Caledonia to Paris. I would like to include it in the company package related to the prevention and treatment of jet lag.”

Dr. Patrick Dubois, Euro Disney Service Medical – Disneyland Paris


“I took your product as prescribed..I was able to function fully the next day and the rest of the week. Usually I have a bad first day home, followed by two days where I can barely get out of bed. I love your product and would like to have it available for my patients who travel.”

William Nat Clearfield D.O., Secretary, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture


“I used your product last year on a long flight to and from Amsterdam, and it did indeed work! I was so impressed that I tell everyone I know about No-Jet-Lag whenever the opportunity arises.”

Carole Terwilliger Meyers
Award-winning travel writer and author of 15 books


“Earlier this year the senior team went via Canada to Turkey to play against Turkey and South Africa. There we won two games and drew one which was a very pleasing achievement. I am sure that the team played so well could not only be attributed to the fact that they had a training camp and serious competition in Canada but also to the fact that they travelled really well thanks to the No-Jet-Lag tablets they took during their flights. Both teams will be recommeded to use this when they travel in March.”

Marianne Scott, Team Medic, New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation


“I put No-Jet-Lag to the test when I flew from Johannesburg to Auckland recently, a demanding slot that had me airborn for 18 hours, plus the 4 hours I spent on the ground. Having travelled that route several times previously I anticipated several weary days..Surprise, surprise. I was as fresh as a daisy. I didn't miss a beat, got through two full work days immediately upon return and watched an evening's televison with scarcely as much as a yawn. I'm not into commercial promotions but I won't be travelling far in the future without my No-Jet-Lag pills I can tell you.”

Bob Howitt, Rugby News


“Five of us from Colorado and a friend from Boston headed out for Senegal and The Gambia to deliver donated medical supplies to The Gambia..We faithfully took our No-Jet-Lag which has a great taste, and I could hardly believe the results. We felt so much better upon arrival at these locations than our fellow passengers, and we were able to cope with the time zone differences.”

Celine Courtney, Medical Mission to Africa


“On numerous international trips homeopathic "flower pills" have helped minimize jet lag for me, as well as for my children. I take the chewable plant-based " No-Jet-Lag " tablets before and during the flight.”

Marybeth Bond
Adventure Editor for TravelGirl Magazine an award winning author/editor of six women's travel books in the Travelers' Tales series.
She is the travel expert for CBS/Evening Magazine is a frequent guest on many TV and Radio shows and is published in numerous newspapers and magazines.


All the way from Atlanta to LA to Auckland, NZ I gobbled " No-Jet-Lag " pills. They seemed to help because I didn't appear to be as zoned out as the 20 riders who showed up from all over the USA to join me on my "trip of a lifetime". This was a three-week Beach's motorcycle tour around New Zealand.”

Jackie Flood


“Both I and my 10 year old niece used No-Jet-Lag whilst travelling on the direct 13 hour flight from LAX to Sydney. In all my 20 years of travelling as both a Qantas employee and now as a travel agent I have never recovered from an International Flight as rapidly or felt so well.”

Lynda Raymond, Traveland Australia


“I've been using and writing about No-Jet-Lag for years and regailing all my colleagues about the stuff as well. It's truly a miracle! Much thanks,”

David Peevers
Contributing writer/photographer to: Lonely Planet, Brides, LA Times, National Geographic Traveler,,, SF Chronicle, etc.


“We have used No-Jet-Lag over and back to Europe, and I am very pleased to report neither of us suffered from jet lag on either end of the trip.”

Ione & Dr.Gary Wiren
Gary, PGA Master Instructor/Golf Writer


“I flew to Australia in September and took No-Jet-Lag. It was fantastic. I suffered virtually no jet lag on the return trip (which is the harder leg of the trip)! I was very impressed and recommend it to all.”

Susan Ramsey
Publications Coordinator
Rainbow Natural Foods


“I now have a week to do my laundry and repack the suitcase for a trip, back over the International Dateline, to attend the SIA Governor’s Roundtable in Osaka, Japan! Thank goodness for a product recommended by AAA…” No-Jet-Lag Pills.” Believe it or not, they did do the trick on my venture to Australia…let’s see if they work again for Osaka!”

Dede Olson
Governor Northwest Region
Soroptimist International of the Americas


“We recently went to New Zealand twice in a short period of time from St. Louis, MO to Auckland, NZ. First trip was by way of Honolulu, Sydney and then Auckland and then the reverse back to the USA. Second trip was R/T STL to Auckland. Took " No-Jet-Lag " on our first trip on the recommendation of family and felt great. On second trip, my husband didn't think it did any good so we did not take it on our way to Auckland. Bad move on our part - knocked out for a week. Religiously took on the way home back to STL and felt great from the first day we got back. Will never travel without it again! Thanks!!”

Bev Boody


“No-Jet-Lag is a homeopathic remedy that’s very popular among celebs. One Marie Claire staffer tested it on a recent trip to Paris and hasn’t stopped raving about it.”

Marie Claire


“Conquer motion sickness and jet lag with these homeopathic remedies from Miers Laboratories.”

Conde Nast Traveler


“There’s a new weapon in the fight against the fatigue, sleeplessness and disorientation often sparked by flying across multiple time zones. Tested by New Zealand based flight attendants and available in the USA .. No-Jet-Lag
is a homeopathic remedy…”

USA Today


“This is the second edition of Arthur Frommers’s Travel Essentials….Our effort was to weed out the marginal, and to focus on what has been proven to be helpful.
Since 1990, thousands of long-distance travelers have depended on No-Jet-Lag …Scientifically proven effective!…guaranteed to help you cope with jet lag, or you money back.”

Arthur Frommer


“Movie companies and traveling rock bands buy up No-Jet-Lag by the case, as do professional athletes, including those on the PGA tour.”

Elite Traveler


“I have now used No-Jet-Lag on two long distance trips, and can honestly say that I have never felt better! In February, my 16 yr old daughter and I went to London for 5 days from San Diego, and I have just returned from 24 hrs of flying from New Delhi to San Diego. Your preparation is a miracle! I was able to function perfectly, with no fatigue at either end of these trips! My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed a show on our 1st night in London,went non-stop sight-seeing and shopping, and both were able resume normal activities upon our return. On this last trip, I was full of energy both directions! I am recommending this to EVERYONE! Thank you!!!”

Dr. Lisa Braun Glazer


“This email is to express my delight with the positive results of using No-Jet-Lag for the long haul flights. I started taking your product a few years ago, during my travel from Canada to Japan and Europe. Since then, my travel experience changed dramatically, being able to be in tune immediately with the time zone I am travelling to. Thank you for this wonderful product!”

Peter Szasz


“When I used to travel between the USA and South East Asia, I would be completely fatigued from the flight. Often I would have to spend as many as four days in bed in order to recover. No sooner would I stand up and announce that I was feeling better, that I would fall over backwards in exhaution and collapse again. No joke. It was awful. Since I discovered “No-Jet-Lag” about a year ago though, I cannot say enough good about it. The most recent time I flew between Singapore and Hawaii, I had been traveling for three solid days on land before take-off. Ingesting the recommended two tablets of “No-Jet-Lag” upon take-off and two tablets every two hours thereafter, I hit the ground running upon arrival in Hawaii at 9AM; then I stayed up until 10PM that evening and went to sleep like a baby with the locals. It was phenomenal. Granted I was tired, but not exhausted. My advice? "Don't leave home without it." Clap! Clap! Cheer! Bravo! Whistle! “No-Jet-Lag”

Dr. Zae Zatoon Bali, INDONESIA


“I'm writing this letter to give you feedback on No-Jet-Lag. It's wonderful! It's as good as flying on the Concord!”

International Executive from Massachusetts


“We have been users of your " No-Jet-Lag" brand tablets over the last few months and find the product an exceptionally good one.”

Roger O. Walther, Chairman & CEO - Tusker Corporation


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